Implementing the Ask Formula “Deep Dive Survey” with Gravity Forms

The Ask Formula is so hot right now.

That’s because it is crazy effective at finding out what your clients really want. It allows you to segment your client base into “buckets” with distinct demographics and interests so you can deliver the right information to them. As you know, the more value you can give to your clients, the more you’ll generally get back.

Gravity Forms is (probably) the most popular premium forms plugin for WordPress*. It also happens to be pretty good at building the surveys from the Ask Formula.

* I didn’t actually research that

A picture says a thousand words. And a Camtasia video is 30 frames per second. So here is the equivalent of 38,430,000 words showing you how to implement the Ask Formula’s Deep Dive Survey in Gravity Forms.

An alternative to Gravity for longer questionnaires is Content Snare. It can be used to collect information from clients or as a client portal for documents and files.

Summary, for those non video peeps who have some tech knowledge

  1. Install Gravity Forms
  2. Install your CRM/autoresponder Gravity Add-On
  3. Create a new form
    1. Add Pagination (click Page under Standard Fields) – Default settings are probably fine
    2. Add a textarea for the “Single Biggest Question”, make it Required
    3. On new pages, add your additional segmentation questions (2-4). All Required.
    4. On the last page, add Name, Email, Phone fields
    5. Name & Email required (not phone)
    6. Change Phone validation to International
  4. Change the Confirmation to redirect to your thank you page (or at least change the message)
  5. Delete the admin notification if you don’t want to get an email every time someone fills it out
  6. Set up your CRM/autoresponder feed. Active Campaign is the bomb.
  7. Create a page and add the form
  8. Profit

When you are have responses and are ready to export

  1. Export entries to CSV
  2. Import to Google Sheets or Excel
  3. Score column = length of question 1, multiplied by 1.5 if phone length > 0
  4. Rank column = PERCENTRANK function of the score column
  5. Top 20% column = if rank > 0.8
  6. Analyse the top responses. Get the book to learn about that.
  7. More profit

Side note: Gravity Forms is also the bomb. We’ve used it to create everything from feedback forms to web design questionnaires to creative briefs.

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  1. Amazing content thanks so much have been looking at getting a survey funnel. I might have to talk to your team about helping me create the funnel if you offer that!

    Thanks Again

  2. It would be helpful if you would write the formulas down on your post. I cannot read them even on a large screen.

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