There's Always A Better Way



When talking about mission-critical software and web applications, reliability should be a top priority. When reliability is important, development becomes about much more than just some guys writing code. It requires prudent development processes, peer-reviewed code and extensive testing. This comes standard with Aktura.


All Bases Covered

Our talent is spread across the full lifecycle of software. From UX and design through to frond-end and back-end development, everyone is an expert in their own field. This comes at a price tag that most rivals can't match.


Cutting Edge

As a team, we place innovation, R&D and a thirst for converting new ideas into practical software for our clients at the forefront of what we do. That's how we make a difference across our 3 main project areas.

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Custom Business Software

Fight data loss and streamline your work with a tailored solution

When you're trying to do everything at once in a project with lots of moving parts (and people), it's inevitable that someone will come up with a better way that suits them. Unfortunately, if you've got more than one "better way" in your organisation, you're at risk of all these moving parts using different spreadsheets, databases and processes. Before you know it there's data corruption, lost info and complete confusion. The end.

Trying to make do with off-the-shelf solutions sometimes just won't cut it (let's face it, they may have caused this mess). We want to help you scale, safeguard and optimise your valuable IP, data and/or processes. If your business is different or is trying to achieve something different we should talk about how to understand your specific need. We use open frameworks which mean anyone can work on your app - you're not locked in to us forever.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

An important piece of the profit puzzle - bring your ideas to life

You already have an audience, an existing market and a system that works for them. Adding your own software product to the mix adds an incredible scalable profit stream. We have the missing piece of the puzzle that enables you to deliver your IP or service directly to your established market and maximise profits.

Minimise risk on your way to establishing your online business by having a talk to us. We know how best to build that portal between product, people and profit. In fact, we've taken several of our own products to market. This knowledge of marketing channels, payment gateways, technologies, CRM and support systems comes as a bonus for you and create your own software solution.

Online Platforms and Websites

Securing your brand means a secure site

Sometimes a template is all a business needs to represent their best interest & brand. Other times, when there is more to it than just a simple website, a template just won't do. If you are concerned about security, launching a mobile app, or simply want to do something a bit different, speak to us.

A custom-built website allows your business and brand to flex and grow without the limitations of a template solution. Best of all, there is a freedom to knowing that you are not hemmed in by a "one size fits most" solution. Let's do something special and do it right.

Partner Referral Program

For the greater good - of your reputation and pockets

At the end of the day we care about raising the standard of the service, innovation and product delivery in this industry. If you are trusted by your clients to provide technology solutions to their problems, you might be a great partner.

If the time comes where you don't have the team in house to deliver web software to a client, talk to us. We'll make sure your reputation is held up.

Our partners are typically IT companies or web designers that work with us for the projects out of their typical scope. Working with us is a great way to add capability to your business, or just to help out your clients when they need it.

Not sure where to get started?

Let's schedule a casual chat and work out the best place to start