Accounting software selection tool


Nowadays there are more online accounting systems than you can poke a stick at. Many specialize in one feature or another and some are jacks of all trades. But how does someone decide which one is best for their business and their specific needs? Wichwon was designed to fill this purpose.

After prompting the user for some general requirements such as business size and number of employees, Wichwon personalizes a set of questions to gain a detailed understanding of the business and crunches the answers to select three accounting systems that best match the specific requirements of the business.

Wichwon is free to use and is available via this website.



  • Accounting systems products, questions, algorithm weightings and results all configured within a custom database
  • A custom portal allows our client to easily add new questions and products and adjust the algorithm all without the need of a developer
  • Responsive design allows the application to be display correctly all desktop, mobile and tablet screen sizes
  • All responses logged in the database and linked to a popular data mining application for detailed real-time analysis of collected data
  • Best match calculation tunable via database parameters.



Name: Wichwon
Website: wichwon.com
Industry: Accounting
Location: Australia


Wichwon started life as a portal for accountants to help them select accounting software for their clients. Our client wanted to simplify the product and make it available direct to business owners to select their own accounting platforms, allowing our client to make a commission on any sales made through the application.

Aktura Technology was engaged to work with the client to define the feature set and refine the UI design. As part of this activity, we developed a configurable comparison algorithm that allows the client to assign weighting factors to products, questions, answers and business size, thus allowing the comparison algorithm to be tuned by the client as they collect data. To further simplify the data gathering process, questions can be automatically answered by the system based on the initial information provided such as business size and number of employees.

We also developed a client portal to allow the client to add new products, define new questions or review generated reports.

The application was built entirely using full stack Ruby On Rails and Turbolinks to speed up load times between page changes.

Our role included:

  • UX and UI design
  • Application functional design based on customer expectations
  • Database and schema design and implementation
  • API design and implementation
  • Web application development, approval and deployment




  • Full stack Ruby on Rails with a Postgres database


  • Complex comparison algorithms
  • Client configured products and question set via admin portal
  • Different question sets based on company size selection

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