Content Snare

Online software that assists web designers and developers to obtain content from their clients


Content Snare is content collection tool and client portal aimed at website designers and developers. One of the biggest bottlenecks in web design is the process of gathering content from clients, approving it and transferring it to a website.

This tool streamlines that process, saving designers an immense amount of time and a lot of headaches.



  • Drag and drop custom form builder with various input types
  • Client side development provides fast and responsive interface
  • Automatic email follow ups on custom schedules
  • Approval workflow



Name: Content Snare / Aktura Technology

Industry: Web Software

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Size: 20 staff


Content Snare is one of those products that developed from a “scratch your own itch” situation. Our primary business was once building small to medium size websites for a range of clients. One of the largest problems we faced in our business was extracting content from clients for use on their website.

After a range of interviews with other developers, we learned that almost everyone described this as the biggest challenge they had in their business. Research indicated a lack of content gathering tools that worked well for our market.

Once the target audience was confirmed, we worked with our UX designer to create a series of mockups. These defined the workflow and layout of the app. Given that Content Snare is a tool aimed at improving process, getting the workflow right was extremely important.

The next phase involved a designer to make the app look great, before handing it off to the development team to implement.

In this case, development was able to kick off in parallel with the original UX design. Our development process completely separates the front end and back end, which means that as long as the requirements are set out properly in the beginning development can be parallelized. That means a faster time to market.

Content Snare has several other uses including populating CRM information, podcast guest information and RFI software.




  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular 2
  • PostgreSQL


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