On-Demand Tasks

Included Web Tasks

This is a list of all the tasks we will do as part of your on-demand web expert service. You’ll also find a list of the things that are explicitly not included.

If something isn’t on the include list, that doesn’t mean we won’t do it. Reach out to us with your task. We’ll make a call on it and maybe even add it to this list. If not, we’ll give you an estimate of costs.

Website Tasks (WordPress)

  • Add blog posts
  • Add/remove images
  • Add/remove pages
  • Change website content
  • Change menu items
  • Change colours
  • Add/remove slides
  • Add products
  • Add events
  • Add an opt-in form (pre-made design) fixed, fly-in, popup etc
  • Add social sharing options or widgets
  • Setup a page builder to make custom page layouts easy
  • Creating a payment form e.g. Paypal, Stripe (SSL may be required)
  • Update plugins
  • Create a contact form (including premium plugin)
  • Add/remove widgets
  • Create a basic report of almost any website data (CSV to email)
  • Add custom fields to pages/posts
  • Create custom post types (template design excluded)
  • Take a website backup
  • Set up website backups
  • Basic caching setup for site speed
  • Add/remove website users & logins
  • Activate a “coming soon” or “undergoing maintenance” mode
  • Create links between pages or to other websites
  • Create an image gallery
  • Setup Disqus or other comment system
  • Simple responsiveness changes e.g. show/hide/change content based on obile device
  • Locate stock photo from free stock photo site or BigStockPhoto
  • Set up a contact/inquiry form. Maximum 25 fields
  • Add a Google Map with up to 5 markers
  • Add animations to sections of your website to make them fly in, fade in and more
  • Redirections
  • Improved 404 page
  • Pretty / Trackable links


  • Setup Google Analytics (GA)
  • Track contact form submissions to GA
  • Create custom event tracking to GA
  • Setup heatmap analytics (where people click)
  • Setup scrollmap analytics (what parts people view)
  • Add custom GA dashboards & reports (pre-made)

Website Setup (WordPress)

  • Install WordPress on an existing hosting account
  • Basic plugin install (<20 minutes required)
  • Basic theme install
  • Theme demo content install

Web & Domain Hosting

  • Editing DNS / Domain settings
  • Editing basic web hosting settings


  • Basic image editing e.g. resizing, cropping
  • Find stock images (2-3 options)
  • Blog post images


  • Create email addresses
  • Forward email addresses to other ones
  • “Send as” other emails in Google Apps (impersonation)

Other Tasks

  • Create a survey
  • Create a facebook “app” for API usage


  • Add blog posts
  • Email opt-in/lead capture form (pre-made design) fixed, fly-in, popup etc
  • Add social sharing options or widgets
  • Setup analytics
  • Add tracking code e.g. Facebook pixel, remarketing pixel etc
  • Link contact forms with your mailing list
  • Set up a competition in exchange for email address or other info
  • Set up live chat

Excluded Tasks

  • Advanced caching setup including Cloudflare
  • Advanced plugin setup (>20 minutes required) e.g. eCommerce, memberships
  • Adding custom code/functionality
  • Website re/design
  • Design mockups
  • SSL setup
  • Strategy and consultation
  • Copywriting / writing
  • Plugin / theme development
  • Debugging problematic plugins or compatibility problems
  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Initial Google Apps Setup
  • Website migration
  • Training or instruction


These are the platforms we’ll work with for the above tasks

  • cPanel, Plesk
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • The Events Calendar
  • Google Apps
  • Google Forms, TypeForm