Custom Software Development in Brisbane

Designing & developing great custom software

At a price that doesn't feel like a punch in the face

Business Tools

Developing your own custom software can help manage your team effectively, fix time-consuming processes or improve just about anything you can think of.


Have an amazing idea? Build it into a Software as a Service (SaaS) to sell to your clients. This is one of the most profitable business models you'll find.

Mobile Apps

iOS and Android apps give you access to a large audience, or can adds value to your existing clients. Combine with a web app to cover all platforms.


Whether you need a public facing website or an internal company tool, sometimes existing platforms just don't cut it. 

API Development

Pull data together from multiple sources and send it where it needs to go.

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Why Choose Aktura

This aint our first rain't. We've spent years crafting our custom software development process to make sure the end result is something you're over the moon with. That means it does what you want it to, runs fast and has a price tag that doesn't feel like you're being had. If you've had your own software developed before, you'll know how rare that is.

  • Triple Checked

    Every feature is automatically tested, reviewed by a second developer and finally verified by you before going live. That's as bulletproof as it gets.

  • Unique perspectives

    They're from all over the world and all bring a their own unique perspective and ideas to the table. Many projects have ended up with features our clients never even thought of.

  • Simple to use

    No one likes using software that they can't understand. We always recommend a user experience (UX) design phase before starting development to make it's easy to use.

  • Total visibility

    You get access to our project management system so you can see exactly where every feature is up to in development. If you'd rather us just handle it with minimal involvement from you, that's cool too.

  • Low overheads

    We don't believe in having a big office and fancy furniture that you end up paying for. All our developers work at home or from a co-working space to keep your costs down.

  • More than just code

    Since the business kicked off in 2010, we've built, marketed and even sold our own software. Whether it's automating your sales process or even just marketing ideas, there's plenty more we can help with.

Finding good developers is hard

The entire reason we exist as a software business is because we know what it's like to be burned by developers.

Building our own projects, we've been went through a lot of contractors, all over the world. That was an extremely costly process where we saw first hand just how hard it is to find reliable developers. 

The decision was made to hire internal developers and thoroughly vet every single one of them.

We've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

Clients & Digital Agency Partners

Not sure where to get started?

Let's schedule a casual chat and work out the best place to start