How It All Started

We never set out to be a custom development business.

Aktura was founded as a product business - that means we created software which was sold to end users for a monthly fee.

But like many businesses, we spend a lot of time networking. Chatting with other business owners & entrepreneurs, the same stories kept coming up over and over again.

No one seemed to have a good relationship with their developer. The concerns were almost always around communication, pricing and transparency

That just seems unfair. We’ve since set out on a mission to make the experience better for everyone.

What Makes Us Different

(Besides actually responding to emails)


Everyone on the team is a specialist. That means they are dedicated to their chosen field and are one of the best at what they do. 

Throughout the entire project experience, from user experience design through to final testing, you get the best person for that job.

It's as much about what we don't do as what we do. By not doing marketing and branding, we can focus on building great software.

Distributed Team

This team is spread out in multiple time zones so that there is almost always someone working. We all work from home which means less overheads which need to be passed on to you. You won’t be paying for a large office space in the CBD or rented office plants.

Each person brings something slightly different to the table so we stay in constant communication. That shared expertise results in amazing results, fast.

Always Improving

Whether it is the latest security best practices, an awesome new tool or a cool animation toolkit, we’re always looking for new things to improve our client's projects and experience.

We subscribe to many industry newsletters and groups and the team attend conferences in their discipline.

That way, everyone is always in the know.

Not sure where to get started?

Let's schedule a casual chat and work out the best place to start

Meet The Team


James Rose


This is the only photo available where James isn’t pulling a face. Combine a web marketer, developer and an engineer and you get this guy. He’ll put techy stuff into a language you can understand and follow through with measurable results.


Mark Beljaars


Mark is a genius developer. There are some advanced topics and implementations that make some developers brains melt. To Mark, pretty much all of it is as easy as falling off a log. Somehow he still excels at developing incredibly intuitive software, making things very easy to use. Mark is the developer most companies wish they had.


Pavel Ovechkin

Ruby on Rails Engineer

Pavel believes your ideas should become reality. He’s the one who makes all kinds of under-the-hood magic, powering up your ideas and bringing them into the world. With the highest quality in mind, of course.


Bernie Santos-Ocampo

Project Manager

Bernie believes that cultivating healthy team dynamics is a sure fire way to build a motivated & efficient workforce. Her passion is process management and her love is travelling and beautiful beaches.


Paul Matunog

Senior Developer

Paul has a knack for thinking out of the box to resolve just about any issue he is faced with. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and going for a ride on his motorcycle.


Winnard Sekreto

Website Care & Maintenance

Winnard is our go-to man for WordPress modifications, implementation, WooCommerce and technical tasks. He works hard to get things done quickly.


Oka Kuswandi

Designer Extraordinaire

Oka is a graphic & User Interface designer. He’s created loads of amazing concepts for brand identity, print design & UI design for web and mobile. He loves simple things, ramen noodles & green tea.

Not sure where to get started?

Let's schedule a casual chat and work out the best place to start