Build a web presence that results in more sales

The Aktura Advantage

A Website That Sells

Think of your website like a virtual store front. It has to look great and make it easy for your customers to get what they want if you want them to spend money with you.

Get Found

What good is a store that no one finds? The web is a crazy place loaded with people ready to spend money. We’ll find them and get them to your website through multiple channels.

Hands Off

If there’s one thing that can eliminate your excess workload and give you your life back, it is software. The possibilities are endless, and it can be super simple to use. You’ll be surprised.

Happy Clients

Sandra Rosenblum
Sandra Rosenblum
Interior Designer

I recently engaged James to set up a web site for me, with links to social media.

He responded promptly giving me options that were well explained and easy to understand.

He got everything set up in an efficient and timely manor and the best thing has been he has given me the tools to manage my own site.

James has make the process stress free.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Aktura Technology.

Aktura Technology has given my business the cutting edge by providing an outstandingly professional website that my clients are raving about.

James included me in the entire process and he efficiently attended to all my queries and requests. Thank you Aktura, my business is ready!

Daniel Pretorius
Daniel Pretorius
Donte Enterprises

Working with Aktura Technology has been amazing! We have been working closely with Aktura Technology for some time now on different programs and interfaces.

They recently developed our business website which looks great and is very user friendly. Their focus on detail has allowed the process to run quickly and smoothly, with a remarkable result.

Aktura Technology has provided outstanding and clear communication between themselves and our business, and now allowing us to communicate with all our current and future clients better.

A Web Strategy Built For You

Get More Customers

When it comes down to it, you want more customers. We’ve been using the web to attract customers for 5 years. With this knowledge we build customised campaigns to attract visitors and convert them into sales.

Modern Look

If your site looks like it was built in the days of dial up internet, chances are you are scaring potential customers away. Having a modern website is one of the most important things you can do for your business. And it’s no where near as expensive as you’ve been told.

Do It Yourself

You’ll get everything you need to update your website by yourself in 2 minutes. No more calling the web development company to have a minor change done, and no follow up invoices. Of course if you don’t want to do it yourself, we can handle that as well.

Personalised Strategy

No two businesses are the same. Your customers could be anywhere – Google, Facebook, YouTube or on the bus. We’ll grab customers for you from where ever they are by covering all the bases and focus on what provides the best return on investment.

Sell Online

Do you sell physical items you can ship out? Getting set up with an online shopping system is easier than you think. It’s another awesome way to make it easy for people to buy whatever you’re selling.

Enter The Cloud

Buzzwords aside, we can set you up on the best proven cloud platforms for just about anything. Whether it’s email, customer database, inventory, accounting, eCommerce or sending physical mail from the internet, we can set it up and show you how to use it.

Want to drive more sales and create more customers seemingly out of thin air? Schedule a chat with us now and we’ll show you how simple it can be

Then there’s software

What if I told you that you could automate much of the administrative type tasks involved in your business. Or that you could dramatically cut down on the amount of time spent on needless paperwork, invoicing or even bookkeeping.

It might seem like sorcery to some, but software can do all of this and way, way more.

We’ve been in the software game for 10 years, and still get excited when we see how effective it is for business. We not only get you set up on existing platforms, but can develop great applications from the ground up. The bottom line is more time for yourself and your family.

Let's get you some more business

We love business and we love technology. This passion translates to making your life easier by building an online strategy that gets you more customers without lifting a finger. Stack brilliant software on top of this and spend more time relaxing as the software does the work.