You’ve got an On Demand Web Guy!

Congratulations on signing up for the On Demand Web Guy!

Offloading your tech woes to a team of experts is a massive step in the right direction. You’ll save loads of time so you can concentrate on what matters, and have someone to call on when things go wrong.

There’s a couple of things you need to know. You’ll receive all of these instructions via email as well.

Required Action: First up, we’ll need your logins. Please do NOT send these via email. Instead, use this link and then reply to this email with the special link and password that is generated. The important info we’ll need from you is your WordPress, FTP and cPanel passwords, plus any other platforms you need us to access.

  1. In a text editor, get all your passwords together using the format below
  2. Copy and paste all of that text into this tool
  3. Copy and paste the text in the grey box that contains a special link and password
  4. Send that information to

Here is the format to use:

Name: WordPress
Username/email: myusername
Password: mypassword

Other Info

Here is the current list of changes or tasks that are included & excluded. This gets regularly updated. If something you want done isn’t on this list, drop us a line and we’ll work out if it can be included or not.

On Demand Task List

When you are asking for things done, please try to be as specific as possible. I can’t stress this enough. This allows the change to be made much faster, without backward and forward emails. The last thing we want is to use up your time with questions. Screenshots always work best, but aren’t necessary.

When you need something done, simply email

Thanks again for signing up, and talk soon!